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XII Florinda Santos Piano Competition
16-20 May 2014

( 1 ) The competition is open to candidates of any nationality.

( 2 ) Piano Solo

a) competitors will be grouped in five categories:

A Category – Up to 22 years old.
B Category – Up to 17 years old.
C Category – Up to 13 years old.
D Category – Up to 11 years old.
E Category – Up to 8 years old.

b) For categories A, B, C and D there will be a qualifying round and a final competition. For category E there will be a single round only.

( 3 ) Piano four hands | new

a) competitors will be grouped in two categories:

A Category – Up to 22 years old.
B Category – Up to 17 years old.

b) For categories A and B there will be a single round only.

( 4 ) Age refers to December, 31st, 2013

( 5 ) The competition will take place between May 17th and 20th 2014 in Paços da Cultura Auditorium, São João da Madeira.

( 6 ) Presentation of competitors will be in alphabetical order.

( 7 ) The closing date for receipt of applications is on March 31st 2014. All applications must be sent with the following documents:

· Personal photo (Passport or Identity Card type)
· Photocopy of Birth Certificate or Identity Card

( 8 ) Applications will be examined by a selecting committee, who will inform all applicants of results in due time.

( 9 ) Validation of application.

a) Competitors must send a registration fee of fifty euros, which must be performed within 8 days after confirmation.

b) The payment will be made by bank transfer or by cheque to the order of Academia de Música, S. João da Madeira. We remind you to send the payment receipt with the name and category of the applicant.

c) Under no circumstances will there be a refund of the registration fee.

( 10 ) The same candidate may apply to two modalities at the same time: Piano Solo and Piano Four Hands

( 11 ) The registration fee will be the same for any modality.

( 12 ) The number of applications may be limited due to time restrictions. Priority will be by enrolment.

( 13 ) No applications will be accepted from candidates that may have obtained the first prize in the same category in earlier editions of this competition.

( 14 ) Applicants must fully accept the regulations.

( 15 )
a) By accepting the regulations, Applicants tacity allow the use of their image by means of photographs or films aiming at institutional promotion.

b) Any sort of audio or video recording must be required to the organizing committee in writing and it may be authorized or denied.

( 16 ) All the round are public and the presentation of the piece maust be by heart, except for piano four hands.

( 17 ) The competitors have to present their I.C. or C.C. whenever requested by the organizing committee.

( 18 ) Competitors must make all scores available to the juri, if requested.

( 19 ) The juri may choose decide not to award any prize in case of insufficient merit in any cetegory. It is possible to confer any honours if the jury so decides.

( 20 ) Presentation of prizes will take place at the laureate concert on May 20th, in which all prize winners will take part.

( 21 ) The presence of the winners at the concert of the laureates is compulsory in order to be awarded the prize and the diploma.

( 22 ) The jury will be composed by 5 elements.

( 23 ) Current students of the jury are not eligible to compete.

( 24 ) All documents must be sent to:

XII Florinda Santos Piano Competition
Academia de Música de S. João da Madeira

Rua Visconde
3700-269 S. João da Madeira
Phone: (+351) 256 826 692
Fax: (+351) 256 281 800